Traditional Ventilated Mattress Topper

by admin on February 1, 2010

Visco Ventilated Mattress Topper

It’s another 2in mattress topper, but certainly a lot better than the previous two reviewed mainly because of its price. Different sizes have different prices, but all of them are pretty fair in my opinion. You get to chose between Twin (34 x 72 x 2 inches) for $64.99, Twin XL (34 x 78 x 2 inches) for $62.99, Full (50 x 72 x 2 inches) for $50.99, Queen (56 x 77 x 2 inches) for $84.99, King (74 x 77 x 2 inches) for $89.99 and Cal King (70 x 78 x 2 inches) also for $89.99.  As you see, there are plenty of sizes available making your choice easier. From the description below you’ll notice that the topper has 3 zones for ventilation. This is good because the biggest problem people have with memory foam toppers is that they tend to hold heat. With the ventilation zones heat gathering can be significantly reduced if not completely gone. Well, 2in may not provide the best body support available out there, but if you can’t afford something more expensive and better I think you’ll like it just fine. Now here’s the provided info about this product:

  • Memory foam mattress enhancer provides pressure relief and enhanced comfort
  • 3-zone ventilation for air circulation and support where it’s needed most
  • 2-inches thick; molds to your body shape for personalized support
  • Memory foam contour pillows provide proper anatomical head and neck support, 2 included
  • Ultra fresh anti microbial/anti bacterial treatment

The only memory foam mattress enhancer available with 3 zones of air channels for improved air circulation and support where it’s needed most. Greater air circulation means a more comfortable sleeping temperature and a healthier sleeping environment. Memory foam conforms to your individual body shape to relieve pressure points and provide personalized comfort to reduce tossing and turning. Memory foam also reduces motion transfer so partners sleep undisturbed. Includes two memory foam contour pillows. The contour pillow is designed to cradle the head and neck for proper anatomic support. Ultra fresh anti microbial/anti bacterial treatment is also added.

The topper comes with 2 contour pillows in addition which for many people is another plus, but the contour pillows are not something everybody find comfortable. Still, you can’t say whether they’re comfortable for you or not before you try sleeping on one, so I guess it is a plus that they come as a present. For the money this is a good product. If you decide to get it I think you’ll be happy with it. Still, if you can afford something better I suggest you go for it.

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